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Welcome to London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital has been delivering world-leading private healthcare since 1986. As one of the largest private hospitals in the UK, we provide the highest standard of healthcare in the heart of London.

Our exceptional Outpatient Services cover a series of key specialities to diagnose and treat patients with a wide range of conditions, quickly, effectively and successfully.

From our state-of-the art facilities, such as our MRI and DEXA scanning to our key specialities, including in orthopaedics and rheumatology, we pride ourselves in offering the best technology, consultants and patient care. At London Bridge Hospital, our Outpatient Services aim to provide quick and easy access to our

facilities, with same day or next day appointments, rapid results and fast treatment. We use leading-edge technology and facilities for diagnosis and treatment, and a team of world-leading consultants from London’s top teaching hospitals.

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. We strive to continuously deliver high-quality healthcare and improve and develop our services and standards of care. This ensures we continue to provide the highest level of medical excellence in every area of our Outpatient Services.

From the exceptional consultants we select to investment in our state-of-the-art facilities, everything we do ensures we stay at the forefront of world-leading private healthcare.

Top Specialities

At London Bridge Hospital Outpatients we are proud to offer world-class expertise across key specialties. Each speciality is made up of exceptional facilities, with renowned consultants, latest diagnosis techniques and most effective treatments to help patients with any health condition.

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Key benefits

We believe our Outpatient Services benefit patients in four key ways. Together, they ensure patients get the best, quickest and most effective healthcare that’s right for them – helping them make a full recovery and live a healthy, active and happy life.

Speed and Ease of Access

Many illnesses or conditions can be distressing to experience. This is why we aim to provide all our patients with quick and easy access to our services and specialities. From same day appointments to rapid results, we work hard to diagnose and treat patients quickly and give them peace of mind.

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World-leading consultants

We ensure only the best consultants help our patients. Leaders in their field and from London’s top teaching hospitals, our team of doctors and surgeons are exceptional. With great experience in private healthcare, they can successfully diagnose and treat a wide range of patients.

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Latest Technology

Technology is a big part of healthcare. We believe the best healthcare needs the latest technology. So we ensure the equipment and software we use, whether for an examination, diagnosis or for treatment, are of the latest innovations in the medical field.

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Quality of care is an essential part of healthcare for us. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure that from when a patient first contacts us until they leave our doors, we work hard to make sure the care they receive is not just at its best, but tailored to their needs, bringing them the best outcome.

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Request a callback or you can request an appointment by calling 020 7234 2009